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Why have you decided to tutor at The Learning Center?
After I retired I was looking for an opportunity to give back. That opportunity presented itself when I met Sister Monice and Bob Nickels from The Learning Center.  Although I spent my career in social services, and not in education, they assured me that I would be welcomed as a tutor. At their suggestion I attended a course on tutoring adults offered by Literacy Works. I have been tutoring since January 2013.  

I am not so sure how much I have given back, because in many ways I feel I have received more than I have given.  It is hard not to be energized by students who balance work, families and school.  I have been inspired by students who want to learn to read so they can help their children with homework. I have been encouraged by students who returned to school to set an example for younger siblings regarding the importance of education. I have been excited by a well written paragraph and improvements in reading comprehension.  

Really, it has been a privilege to tutor students and watch them improve their skills, gain in confidence and move forward in achieving their goals. I thank The Learning Center for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this great adventure called learning and for its dedication to adult education.


Tutor Spotlight
Marybeth Coleman